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Choosing the right wedding venue is the most time consuming part of your wedding planning but this section is here to save you time. We have over 4000 wedding venues to browse through and you can narrow your search to find the most perfect venue.

Tips For Finding Your Perfect Wedding Venue


Hints and tips for help find your perfect wedding venue. If you have certain wedding venue criteria and certain features that you require then select the boxes on the wedding venue search results page on the left hand side. This enables you to filter on wedding venues which will then meet your selection and match up with your wedding venue requirements. If you would like to increase the kilometers you are willing to travel to your wedding venue or reception venue use the slider on the left to vary the distance.

When getting in touch with the venue for more detail about your proposed wedding, aim to provide as much information as possible. If you have not firmed up your exact date of the wedding yet, then try to provide a rough estimate in order for the wedding venue to tailor their response to your enquiry and meet your requirements.