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Speech Type: Father of the bride/groom

Speech Creater: Mario Blanco

Speech Date: AugĀ 2007

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Good Evening everyone, I would like to start out by saying what a real pleasure it is to welcome on this happy occasion, all relatives and friends of both families. Some have travelled hundreds of miles, just to be here today. Claudia’s Grandmother, Avis Britton from Corn Island, Nicaragua Randy’s Aunt Siham Samaha and Uncle Adib Samaha from Lebanon His Uncle Said Shehady and Mary Shehady from Brasil and many others. We also hold in our hearts, those friends and families who were not able to be here with us today. June 9th has always been a special day. Many celebrities and important people
exchanged vows: To name a couple of them: In 1975 Bill Clinton married Hillary Rodham In 1993 Donald Trump married Marla Maples. But, today is even more special because this is the day our second daughter was married. I apologize if my accent is difficult for any of you, but translators throughout the audience will help and the speech will be posted at the rear of the room and on the internet tomorrow. Claudia was born, I blinked, and here I am, giving the bride’s father speech. This is that moment in the wedding that every daughter fears and begins thinking...“oh-my-gosh, what is my dad going to say?” “I’m supposed to give an embarrassing tale about Claudia, but she has got more embarrassing stories about me, so she’s safe! I’m not going to tell any of those tales, but rather, I’m going to say “Thank you Claudita for all you love”! We will always be there for you! Claudita is a blessing to Joan and me and we know she will also be a blessing to Randy and his family. What we find gratifying, is that Randy’s family feel the same about Claudia. They have taken her to their hearts. Randy, we are delighted to formally welcome you into our family. By now, you know what you have let yourself in for. I want you to know that Joan and I took to you instantly. We have found you to be a kind and considerate man who deserves a good wife. I remember the day we first met Randy. It was on Claudia’s birthday, in May, 2001. I had a feeling Randy wanted to impress us he took us to Atlantic City for Dinner and Gambling. There were 6 of us in a small car. We had a wonderful time, however, on our return to NY, at the crack of dawn, I don’t know how we made it back alive, because I was the only one awake, and I WAS NOT THE ONE DRIVING. Randy and Claudia, NEVER go to bed on an argument…stay up all night if necessary and fight… but remember Randy, you have to say…Yes Baby”. Joan and I thank Father Elias Bitar and Father George Kevorkian for their kind words this evening, we also thank Randy’s parents, Hel and Yola, his sisters, Tina and Rema, his brother, Elia, all the Aunts, uncles, and other family members for all their hard work, as well as friends, who in some way helped to make this wonderful event come true. I also thank my wife Joan for editing my speech to 5 minutes instead of an hour and 16 minutes. God Bless. Please join me - in a toast – to wish the Bride & Groom, Mr. and Mrs. Randy Shehady, a long and happy married life together. Randy and Claudia, like the circles of your wedding rings, may your joy never end.

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Attached is my Speech. I am proud of it. People said I make them laugh and cry. Let me know if this speech will be posted. Thanks