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Your wedding photography is one of the most important parts of your wedding — after all, when the day is over your wedding photos will allow you to relive it time and time again. So why not stay true to your personalities with some unique wedding photos? We caught up with six different wedding photographers across the globe to get their thoughts...

Wizarding Wedding

Michelle, of Michelle Chiu Photography, is behind this incredible Harry Potter inspired wedding photo. “Athena and Dan are the perfect combination of nerdy geek-ness and vintage sweet,” Michelle explains, “I knew in advance one of the guests would be gifting them two official Harry Potter wands from Orlando, so I envisioned this shot before the wedding. On the day of the wedding I explained to the bridal party my vision and what I wanted them to do, and they executed it perfectly!”

Michelle Chiu Photography

“What I love to capture the most is the personalities of couples! Every shoot I do, rather than have the couple fit into a set style and pose, I brainstorm and develop a unique style and theme that fits around the couple. My greatest hope is that my photographs can really highlight that special something every couple has.”

Fairytale Photography

Every couple wants their wedding to be a fairytale, and photographer Kristen Booth strives to create that with her wedding photography. When asked what inspires her unique style of wedding photography, she says, “I strive to capture magic in real life fairytales. For the people who see my photos, I hope to make them believe. I seek to prove that these things aren’t just for royalty and characters from books....but that normal people and everyday love are just as extraordinary. And as for the people IN the photos...I want to help enhance the magic in their story.”

Kristen Booth

Dinosaur Drama

If you want to make sure your wedding photography is completely unique, then why not be inspired by British wedding photographer Chris Giles. He understands that when it comes to wedding photography, it’s important to capture who the couple are: “You have to get the standard shots, but it’s also important to give them something unique, quirky and a little fun!”

According to Chris’s photography, one wedding party had some extra guests in the form of raging dinosaurs! Using creative editing to alter and add to your wedding pictures will ensure you’ll have fun looking at your wedding photos for years to come.

Chris Giles

Rustic Romance

Wedding photographer Chris Garbacz from Epic Photography epitomises rustic romance in this timeless and unique wedding shot. He explains, “Wedding photography is about capturing a couple’s special day, it’s unique and intimate, and requires creativity, fun and passion. No two couples are the same, and each photo should reflect their individuality. I always try to think outside the box and really get to know the couple, so as to create a personalised experience. This is what gets me excited about shooting weddings, each day is different; it keeps me on my toes and continues to push my creativity.”

Epic Photography

Fun Photographs

Mr and Mrs Smith Photography are the duo behind this wedding shot — made unique by the real sense of fun evident! The sunglasses and beers add a casual element to the pictures, whilst the lake in the background creates a picturesque setting. Photographers Zac and Lexi describe how this shot came to be: “This photo came about after the bridal party had been playing around on the swing for some candid shots. We then posed this shot and love the way everyone is actively engaged with each other.”

Mr and Mrs Smith Photography

Natural Memories

This image, captured by Sharp Wedding Photography, shows the natural side of unique wedding photography. Photographer Garry Bolton explains what makes this shot stand out: “It was taken in the Botanic Gardens a couple of years ago, but continues to please me every time I look at it.

“It’s not particularly clever from the point-of-view of tricks or post-production manipulation, but rather encapsulates a “warm” feeling emanating from the cover of vines and the lovely natural light towards which the couple is heading in their new life together.”

Sharp Wedding Photography

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