Wedding Memories

How to create lasting wedding memories


The majority of newlyweds only get to spend a few moments with each one of their guests on their wedding day, as they’re so busy attending to everything.

This can mean that you could miss out on wedding day moments that don’t concern you and your new husband. You may not be bothered on the big day as you’re so caught up in that ‘just married’ bubble, but once you come back to earth it’s nice to have a few mementoes of your big day.

Here at we’ve put together a list of different ways to remember all the details of your big day...

  • A wedding guest book — a guest book allows all of your guests to write down their well-wishes and hopes for you and your marriage. It’s a great way to remember everyone who attended your wedding, and you’ll be able to read their comments over and over again. Place your guest book on a designated table and make sure your guests know it’s there!
  • Polaroid wedding guest book — just like a guest book, but you have a snap of your guests to accompany the messages. You can buy special books with slots to insert the Polaroid photo, or just ask guests to leave a space so you can stick it in, scrapbook style. This is a good idea as over time you may not be able to recall which signature belongs to which guest.
  • A signed photo frame — this involves thinking ahead a little. The majority of couples want a nice big framed photo of their wedding day to display, so think about what size you’d want. Then buy a card mount, and place it on an easel at your reception for your guests to sign. Then after the wedding, choose a photo and use your personalised mount to frame it!
  • A video diary — make your own wedding documentary by hiring a videographer or having a friend or family member who’s handy with a camera capture footage of your big day. A professional will be able to edit it into a smooth montage that you can watch again and again to remember all of your wedding day highlights.
  • A fingerprint tree — buy or make your own painting of a bare-branched tree, and then place it in your reception alongside paints that match your color scheme. Guests can then apply their fingerprint to the tree and sign their name alongside it. This is a creative and touching way to remember all your guests.
  • A wishing well — a wishing well or post-box can be set up with small cards next to it. Guests can then write their messages for the couple on the cards and post them in the well or post-box for the happy couple to read after the wedding is over. You could display them in a book, or even frame particularly touching messages alongside your wedding photos.


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