Photographer or Videographer?

How to choose between having a photographer or a videographer


Regardless of the budget you have set aside for your wedding day, you are still going to be spending a considerable amount of money on one amazing day and so you want to get it just right. Putting down a deposit should be one of the most important tasks on your to-do list. However you will need to consider which suppliers are absolutely necessary before you spend any money.

Sit down with your husband-to-be and make a long list of suppliers that you absolutely want to have at your wedding and then look at where you might be able to cut down on costs. For example, will a simple piece of wedding cake satisfy your guests’ needs, or do you feel that a chocolate fountain is a must? As far as entertainment is concerned, do you need both a band and a DJ, or will just one be enough? And finally, do you need both a photographer and a videographer? If you are unsure about whether to pay for both, we have come up with a few ideas to help make that decision easier.

A wedding videographer will capture all the wonderful highlights from your special day and put them onto a DVD for you. However, if you can only afford a videographer then are you missing out on those important photographic memories? This isn’t necessarily true as you can have the best of both worlds. You can ask your guests to bring a digital camera and invite them to take as many pictures as they wish in order to create a wonderful wedding album, from the view of the guest. On the other hand, you can pick out a few of your closest friends to take pictures for you, which can then be printed off and put into a wedding photo album as a lasting memory. Give a close friend, best man or usher the task of getting everyone together to take the big group pictures.

If you make the decision to pay out for a professional photographer but would still enjoy all the benefits that come with a videographer, ask a close friend or family member to film as much as they possibly can throughout the day. The camera could be set up in the church or reception so that you can capture the most wonderful parts of your big day which can be edited and copied onto a disc for you to watch again and again.

Both of these suppliers will have different packages to offer you at various prices and so there could be a way in which to work both of them into your original budget.

Professional photographers and videographers are experts at what they do and have a passion for their job. Your results will undoubtedly be incredible whatever option you decide to go for. However, ensure that the decision you make is mutual between the two of you and that you are choosing a product that will suit you both as a couple both at the wedding and in the future.


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