Outdoor Wedding Photography Tips

Expert advice from 3 photographers


It can be difficult when hosting an outdoors wedding to get the pictures you want. Bright light, unexpected rain and passing clouds can all impact how a photograph turns out. To make sure you have the best memories of your wedding day, we asked three wedding photographers to provide their advice and best photo.

Sarah Churcher, of Sarah Churcher Professional Photography, explains that rain on your wedding day isn’t always a bad thing: “They say rain on your wedding day is good luck! Well, on this particular day it rained constantly, not even an umbrella could save my bride and groom from getting wet. This image is the only time I pulled them out into the forces, and that was mainly because it was really important to them to be photographed here. After seeing the forecast for the day we had pre-organised the umbrellas — and this one really suited the style of their wedding”

Sarah Churcher Professional Photography

In Sarah’s opinion, the most important thing you can do to guarantee great outdoors pictures at your wedding is to do your research. “You never know what the weather is going to do on your day so make a plan for rain, hail and shine. Find beautiful outdoor locations that suit you as a couple, but also locations with shelter close by, and a few inside options just in case. This takes the stress away from your day when you already have so much else to think about”.

Sarah has years of experience in photography, and offers a key tip for couples planning an outdoor ceremony: “Make sure you are choosing a ceremony time that will give enough daylight hours for photography afterwards, or have a think about doing pre-ceremony photographs — these are becoming more and more popular!”

Photographer Neiyo is a big fan of sunset photographs. Neiyo, who runs Neiyo Sun Photography, is based in Melbourne and loves wedding photography, as it makes sure the happy memories will last forever. This photo came from a destination wedding, in Fiji.

Neiyo Sun Photography

“Sunset shots can be breath-taking, but in can be tricky in Australia at a summer wedding, as the sun doesn’t set until late. If a couple want an outdoors sunset shot similar to this one at their summer wedding, I would get them to sneak out of the reception at the right time. If you really love the idea of sunset photography, it may be better to consider a winter wedding as the sun will set earlier.” Neiyo also recommends checking out the area to make sure that the sunset will be clearly visible: “There needs to be nothing blocking the sunset, so think of somewhere high up or on a beach, as that will be best!”

Matilda Beezley reminds brides who come to her for their wedding photography that the weather can be unpredictable, but that you should embrace it. Matilda advises not to be upset if the weather turns on your wedding day, as you shouldn’t ruin the mood on the best day of your life, but instead “rock the rain! Always have a wet weather plan and talk to your photographer to make sure you have alternative options.” She shot this gorgeous image by positioning the couple so the sun streamed through two buildings, and the camera was directly facing the sunlight, creating an artistic looking flare on the photo.

Matilda Beezly

Matilda also cautions that an extremely sunny day can be just as difficult as a stormy one: “If you head outside on a sunny day in the middle of summer and take a photo not only will everyone have ‘squinty eyes’, but they will have dark ‘raccoon eyes’ too, which is caused by a shadow cast by the brow bone. It’s simple to avoid this if you avoid ceremony times in the middle of the day, get married under very thick tree coverage — which is stunning and eliminates the problems caused by harsh sun — or use a gazebo or structure with flowing white cloth above to screen out the harshness of the light”. Matilda runs Matilda Beezley Photography, in Brisbane.


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