Wedding Insurance

Why you should invest in wedding insurance


Wedding insurance is something that should never be overlooked. You wouldn’t skip on insuring your car or home, because they cost you so much money and mean so much, so why wouldn’t you insure your wedding?

When you are spending a small fortune on food, drink, flowers, dresses, suits, transport and numerous other things, you need to be protected should anything go wrong. If there is a major mishap and you have to reorganize your wedding, without wedding insurance you could lose a lot of the money you originally spent.

The closer it gets to your wedding, the more you stand to lose. This could affect any plans you have for your home or honeymoon. We have compiled an honest list of things that could go wrong, causing you to have to rearrange or make last minute changes to your wedding plans, which could cost you a fortune without the appropriate wedding insurance.

  • Your photographer could have double booked, leaving you without one
  • Either the bride or groom could be in an accident before the wedding, meaning they’re unable to make the wedding.
  • The church could be flooded or damaged.
  • The caterers could be double booked or go bankrupt.
  • Either you or your fiancé could lose your job and are unable to pay wedding costs
  • Your wedding gifts could be stolen.
  • The rings could be lost or stolen.
  • A close relative could die before the wedding, making you want to cancel.

All these things could realistically happen and if you’re not covered, could cause you a lot of stress and cost a lot of money.

The average Australian couple spends around $50,000 dollars on their wedding day, so the cost of wedding insurance, which is usually upwards from $195, seems like a small price to pay to protect your wedding. The price varies depending on how much you have spent and what you want to cover, but you can expect to be protected from:

  • Wedding cancellation or re-arrangement.
  • Damage to wedding attire.
  • Loss of deposits.
  • Lost wedding rings
  • Lost or stolen wedding gifts
  • Problems with the photographer, caterer etc.

After putting so much time and effort into planning your wedding, you can’t afford to risk not buying adequate cover. It’s worth shopping around to find the best deal. It’s a small price to pay to protect yourself, and we recommend investing as soon as possible.


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