Wedding Gift List

Compiling your wedding gift list


Everyone loves a good wedding, and the best way to show gratitude to your hosts and to wish them well in married life is to buy them a gift.

Your guests will want to buy you a present to celebrate your happiness, so compiling a gift list makes it easier for them to know what you want and to see if anyone else has already bought it. This prevents you from getting duplicate gifts and ensures you get what you want.

Many places offer a gift list service, and here at we are no different! You can find a list of gift list registers under the ‘Gift List’ tab on our menu bar. It can be tricky compiling a gift list, so we have some advice...

Don’t avoid putting expensive items on your list. If no one buys them, no one buys them. But you may find that guests will club together to get you something, or a wealthy or very generous friend or family member may splash out. If you don’t list it, you’ll never know!

Arrange your gift list well in advance of the big day. It’s a good idea to send out your gift list details with your invitations, as many guests like to buy gifts in advance and send them to you rather than take them to the reception.

It’s easiest to use an online gift list, as your guests can easily access it and see what has been bought already. If you want, you can also use an in-store one, but consider making an online one for out of town guests and those who would find it easier to order a gift online.

Pick more items than you have guests. It may be that a guest wants to buy you a particular type of gift, and if you have a small list, it may already be taken. Creating a larger list means there is more choice for your guests.

Have a look at our ‘Gift List’ tab and have fun compiling your wedding gift list!


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