Wedding Color Scheme

Picking your wedding color scheme


Picking your color scheme is an important part of wedding planning. It’s one of the first things you should consider when planning your wedding.

Allow yourself to be influenced by the time of year when picking your wedding décor; pastels work perfectly for a spring wedding, whilst richer, darker shades are stunning at a winter wedding. If you are marrying in the autumn, be inspired by seasonal colors such as warm oranges and red tones, whilst summer can be reflected in fresh lemon and green shades.

Your color scheme can be picked up in the bridesmaids’ dresses, and reflected in the cravats, ties, cummerbunds or waistcoats of the groomsmen. The bouquets can include elements of the chosen color scheme, but can be mixed in with more neutral colors to complement the bride’s dress as well.

The buttonholes for the groomsmen can match the color of the flowers in the bridal bouquet, and the bride could even match the color scheme by opting for shoes in the same color!

When planning your wedding, you can also factor in your chosen colors in smaller details such as the centerpieces and table decorations. Chair sashes can also be hired to match the color scheme, and the wedding cake could be designed to include elements of color.

Consider your transport when planning your wedding — you may fall in love with a pink Cadillac or think about booking an orange VW campervan, but make sure they don’t clash with your color scheme, for the wedding photos. Will red bridesmaids’ dresses look right against a brightly colored car?

It’s also a good idea to inform the parents of the bride and groom of the color scheme, so they don’t turn up in colors that may clash and look wrong in the wedding photos.


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