The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide

Where do you begin when planning a wedding?


Planning a wedding is a massive task, so it’s only natural to wonder ‘where do I start?’. Getting married is one of the most fun, exciting and special moments of your life. The stressful part comes from planning your big day, sticking to your budget, managing your diary and keeping track of who’s coming, who isn’t, and who has so many food allergies all they can eat is broccoli.

Here at, we’ve put together some tips to make sure your wedding planning is as smooth as possible.

What Do You Want?

Sit down with your husband-to-be and decide what sort of wedding you want. You put forward your ideas, and listen whilst he puts forward his. It may be that you both want a huge, carnival filled day with acrobatics instead of a first dance – great! But if he’s dreaming of a big white wedding, and you want a small party by the beach, then you need to compromise. Figure out a wedding plan that will work for both of you, and start planning colours, styles and themes to add personality to your wedding.

You can save images that stand out to you in your hitched scrapbook, or make moodboards to see how your colour schemes and ideas work.

Wedding moodboard

What Can You Afford?

If yours or your fiancé’s parents are contributing, it’s wise to sit down with them early on in the planning process to find out how much, so you can set up a proper budget. If it’s just the two of you paying for your wedding then settle on the amount you want to spend, and divide it up so you know how much you have in the budget for each part of your wedding. The budget planner tool on hitched allows you to divide up your budget easily, and keep track of your spending, as well as laying out all of the important areas you need to consider.

budget for wedding

What Do You Need to Do?

A lot goes into planning a wedding. Sometimes there can be stuff involved that you never even thought of. Compiling a to-do list is a great idea, so you’re aware of all your tasks and can check each one off as you complete them. Our online wedding to-do list contains pretty much every task you could ever think of when it comes to planning a perfect wedding, and it even has a suggested timeframe so you can be confident you’re always on track with your wedding planning.

wedding to do list

Who’s Coming and Where Will They Sit?

The words ‘guest list’ and ‘seating plan’ can strike fear into the hearts of the most laidback brides. However, it can be simple with hitched! We have a wedding guest manager tool online, which allows you to manage your guest list easily, keeping track of who has RSVP’d and who has any special requirements, such as a vegetarian meal. Each guest who has confirmed their attendance will then be transported into our table planner tool, once you tick them off on the guest list.

The table planner allows you to seat your guests around as many tables as you need, and add in extras such as the DJ decks, dance floor and cake table so you know your space limits. Guests are colour coded too, so you can see how many male and female guests there are on a table and where the children will sit.

seating plan prides itself on giving you everything you could ever need to plan your dream wedding. Enjoy using our tools and services to make sure your wedding is everything you ever wanted, and stress free to boot! If you’re not signed up yet, what are you waiting for? Register for free now.


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