Post Wedding To-Do List

What to do after the wedding


Once you return from honeymoon and brush the last bit of confetti out of your hair, it’s time to start thinking of your post wedding to-do list! We’ve put together a few pointers to get you started in married life...

Your Thank You Notes

It can seem like a huge task, especially if you had a large wedding, but it makes sense to write your thank you notes as soon as possible, whilst you can remember who bought what! Keep a list of who attended and their gifts so you can make each note as personal as possible.

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Sort Your Wedding Gifts

Stay organised by sorting your gifts into three different piles. Unpack and display the items you can make use of now, safely store the gifts you’ll be using in the future, and discreetly exchange or return items which are either duplicates or not suitable. Spare the feelings of the gift-giver though, and don’t let on that the present went back!

Sensible Stuff

If you plan on changing your name after your marriage, order copies of your marriage certificate and take a look at our change of name list to make sure you update all the relevant places. If you don’t already have a joint bank account, now could be a good time to set one up.

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Special Memories

Buy a special box to store your wedding cards, pick out which wedding photos you want on display, and make plans to safely store or sell your dress. You can also arrange to have your bouquet preserved in a number of unusual ways!

Make a Future Plan

Once the excitement of planning a wedding is no longer taking up your days, you could feel a little lost. Combat this by planning something else fun — it could be an exciting trip, taking up a new hobby or planning a whole new career.


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