Pop-Up Weddings Explained

What is a Pop-Up Wedding?


Pop Up Weddings

For the Quirky and Colourful issue of hitched.com.au, we set out to find the weirdest and most wonderful wedding happenings across Australia, and what could be more weird and wonderful than a pop-up wedding? We caught up with Brisbane wedding celebrant Josh Withers to find out more about this exciting new venture...

So tell us...what exactly is a ‘Pop-up Wedding’?

A pop-up wedding is no different to a normal wedding in that two people have fallen in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together. It differs in guest list, stress-list and level of boredom. It pops up at different times of the year, in different places, with different themes and gives two people the opportunity to marry without having to put on a wedding.

Is this even legal?

Totes legal! To get married in Australia you simply need a man and a woman that are 18 or over, not related and not already married, to give a celebrant one month’s notice via a form. On the day you only need two witnesses that are of age and human. Tick, tick, tick, tick, boom!

Who would have a Pop-up Wedding?

In our sneaky marketing meeting we identified two kinds of people that are all about pop-up weddings: people that think $29,645 is better spent on a house deposit, holiday or an unlimited supply of Nutella than a wedding, or people that want to celebrate their nuptials in a much more private and intimate setting, and will probably catch up with their friends later that day, the next weekend, or just surprise everyone with a sneaky #justmarried post on Instagram.

Pop Up Weddings

What does the Pop-up Wedding offer?

A marriage and photos. Simple hey? We also help the celebrations along with a few glasses of bubbly and yummy cake. We also provide the wedding venue and some super slick styling.

What if you’re tempted by a Pop-up Wedding but have your heart set on a particular theme?

If you’ve got a theme in mind and it’s not on our “coming soon” list, please let us know! We live to give!

This all sounds amazing — is it going on tour?

Brisbane in April and May, Perth in June, Melbourne, Sydney and others coming soon!

So, sum it up...

There’s a great team of people behind the pop-up wedding, we’ve actually been so lucky to secure some of the coolest people in Australia’s wedding industry. I don’t get much of a chance to thank all of them, especially those in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, so thank you to them, and thank you to everyone for thinking our little idea is really cool! We’ll pop-up near you soon!

Pop Up Weddings

Upcoming pop-up wedding themes include Star Wars (on May the 4th, obviously), boho-chic and trashy Vegas! Head over to the website to find out even more, or suggest themes of your own...

Check out www.popupwed.com.au to find out more.


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