Planning a Rustic Wedding

Decor ideas for a rustic wedding


A rustic style wedding lends itself to raw earthy vibes. Five key elements to encapsulate a rustic style wedding are a perfect venue wedding setting, warm earthy tones, textures, rustic décor and flower arrangements. Take a look at the top five wedding tips to create your very own rustic themed wedding.

Finding Your Perfect Wedding Setting

The great thing about a rustic wedding is that you are not limited to traditional wedding settings, allowing you the liberty to tailor how you want your wedding setting to look. Choosing the rustic wedding setting of your dreams has become much easier nowadays with many venue types to select from such as converted barns or romantic vineyards. Find the perfect Australian wedding venue for your rustic wedding on

Warm Earthy Tones

The colour themes of a rustic wedding derive from warm earthy tones with shades of brown and green. These earthy tones lift up natural colours of the outdoors.

Use gorgeous fabrics, flowers and textures to really bring out your rustic colours tones of choice. Find lots of rustic wedding theme ideas in our gallery.

Textures in Your Rustic Wedding

Your rustic wedding is not complete with unique textures and finishes. Found in rustic weddings are a variety of textures using grainy woods, metals, twigs and leaves. Adding texture to your rustic wedding gives a level of warmth, creating an organic feel.

Rustic Décor

You can find rustic décor pieces from antique stores or even create your own D.I.Y pieces. Popular rustic décor ideas include twig wreaths to hang on the ends of the wedding pews, wooden weddings signs and also rustic wedding table settings — just to name a few.

rustic wedding theme

Get more rustic wedding ideas in our rustic wedding theme gallery.

Flower Arrangements

You can set your wedding apart from others by using unique wild wedding flower varieties. Consult with your florist to source wild wedding flowers and work with them to create the perfect arrangement for your rustic wedding.

Wild wedding flowers can be found in many varieties using wild varieties of the peony, poppy, rose and also succulents. To deliver a chic rustic finish to your gorgeous wedding flower arrangement together try using rustic materials such as twine, burlap ribbon or twig garland.


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