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Often when it comes to having an indoor ceremony, some of your wedding décor can be dictated by the venue you have chosen. However, when you choose to marry outside, the world is your oyster and there is no limit to your décor choices. You don’t have to worry about the colour of the walls or carpet clashing with your colour scheme... more often than not nature will provide you with a beautiful backdrop.

We caught up with Ann Erdogan, director of Outdoor Wedding Aisles, a wedding decoration company, to find out her top tips for an outdoors ceremony.

“An outdoors ceremony works best if it is kept simple and elegant, with a few focal pieces and a fantastic view. Chairs dressed in covers and sashes, red carpets and arches are no longer popular. Now, it’s about elegant white folding chairs, wooden benches or Tiffany chairs, and couples tend to go for pedestals with flower arrangements, bamboo canopies and white carpets with rose petals.”

Outdoor Wedding Aisles

Outdoor Wedding Aisles provide a selection of décor packages to help your wedding day look truly wonderful, and Ann reveals the most popular package right now “includes a bamboo canopy with draping, a 10m seagrass runner, bamboo posts with skirting, bali flags, rose petals and either 30 chairs or wooden benches”. She advises holding your ceremony on grass, overlooking a beach, as the ground will be more stable and it will add more vibrant colour to your photos. “You can then move your guests on to the sand for more photos!”

Outdoor Wedding Aisles

If your wedding is more garden party than beach, Ann advises you to work with your surroundings and not to compete with them:

“The two common trends at the moment are vintage and natural. So we’re seeing more sea grass runners and rose petals being used as well as antique white wrought iron tables.” Vintage will always work well in a garden party setting, whilst natural decor elements are ideal if you want a more modern theme for your wedding.

Outdoor Wedding Aisles

Ann recommends thinking of your guests, particularly if you plan to spend a long time having photos taken after your ceremony:

“Champagne services have almost become an expected standard at outdoor ceremonies. It’s a lovely way to allow guests to mingle and start the celebrations in a beautiful location.” If a champagne service isn’t in your budget, then you could always set up some games:

“Games such as horse shoes and croquet have made a comeback as a way of entertaining guests between ceremony and reception”.

Outdoor Wedding Aisles

Finally, when planning an outdoors wedding ceremony, it is crucial to always consider the weather. If it is going to be a hot summer day, Ann suggests providing water bottles and fans for your guests, and making sure there is a shady place to hold your ceremony, particularly if it’s in the middle of the day. Finally, the wedding decorator warns to always have a back up location in case of rain:

“If your ceremony location is to change in the event of wet weather it’s advised to give a mobile number to guests as a point of contact on the invitation. Then at a pre-arranged time during the day when the decision has been made the voicemail message can be changed to advise where the ceremony will be held. This way guests can call and hear the message so no one has the job of calling all guests or receiving all the calls.”


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