Modernise Your Wedding Planning

Bring your wedding planning into the 21st century


When you’re planning a wedding, the internet can be your best friend. You can find plenty of ideas, inspiration and advice to help you plan the perfect day. That doesn’t always mean though that you want it to actually be involved on your wedding day. Take a look at our guide to modern wedding planning to find out what you need to consider when it comes to the internet and your wedding...

Do You Say #IDo to Social Media?

Take time to talk with your partner about how big of a part you want social media to play in your wedding. If you’re both prolific users of social media, it might be fun to create your own wedding hashtag to share with your guests so you can see all of the images and updates they tag with it. You might even find yourself trending! If you don’t like the idea of your Facebook friends seeing pictures before you, then add a polite note in your wedding invitations or ask your celebrant to mention it at the ceremony to deter your guests.

Wedding planning in the 21st century

Wedding Planning Apps

Consider downloading a wedding planning app to help you keep on top of your ‘wedmin’ — that’s all your wedding admin! Here at hitched we have our very own wedding planning app to help make your planning as painless as possible. My Wedding by hitched gives you access to all of our tools whilst on the go, and is completely free. Download it to your iPhone or iPad for easy planning!

Browse Wedding Blogs

Wedding blogs are a great way to find out the latest trends and get great wedding tips and advice. Find a blog that suits your style and subscribe to updates. We can definitely recommend our editor’s blog — not that we’re biased!

Wedding planning in the 21st century

Shut Down

Even if you love social media and you don’t mind it being part of your wedding, remember to switch off at some point. Have a Wi-Fi-free honeymoon so you can truly treasure each other’s company without any distractions.


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