How to Have the Wedding Day You Want

Have the day you want without upsetting anyone


It’s quite likely that you will have had an idea of your wedding in your head ever since you were a little girl. Now you have the chance to plan it out for real, you want it to be exactly how you once imagined it to be.

If you’re lucky enough to have someone else paying for your wedding, it’s not unreasonable for them to expect to have some input into your big day. You may have to accept your vision being compromised in some areas if someone else is picking up the bill. Keep the person who is paying for the wedding updated in everything that goes on and include them in planning as much as possible; it’s only polite when they are paying.

You and your fiancé should both love the venue, as it equally as important to you both. If you have family and friends who are desperate to be involved in the planning, assign them small tasks to keep them happy, such as writing out place cards or envelopes, or if you don’t mind not choosing things such as favors or table decorations, allow them to do that.

The dress is entirely your choice. If you’re worried that your mother or bridesmaids won’t like your ideas, go alone to find ‘the one’ and then get them to see you try it on when you go back. This way they won’t see any they may prefer and complicate things for you. It’s your wedding day so you should choose the dress you love.

Include the bridesmaids and ushers in your planning by assigning them tasks. Make sure you trust the people you’re offering the tasks to though, as you don’t want the added stress of having to supervise or have something done again.

Make the most of your hired help, such as make-up artists, florists and caterers. They are professionals who will have worked on lots of weddings so get their opinions, listen to their suggestions and ask them any questions you may have. You don’t have to take their advice but it’s always worth listening to it in case it’s something you haven’t thought of, and you are paying for it so if it makes your wedding planning easier it would be silly to disregard it.

It’s advisable to sit down with your other half and figure out what you want and what he wants and how to merge them together. It’s easy to get a case of the bridezilla and think the whole day is about you, but you have to remember it’s just as much your fiancé’s day as yours, so you need to share ideas and compromise.


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