Five Modern Things to Do Once You Say 'I Do'

Tech-savvy newlyweds need to do this!


Marriage and weddings are surrounded in traditions, but as we become more tech-savvy and our social media network grows and grows, it’s impossible to ignore these must-do things to make sure your marriage is not just on paper, but on screen too!

Update Your Facebook Status

You can’t say it hasn’t already crossed your mind! Remember that thrill you felt when changing your relationship status from ‘In a Relationship’ to ‘Engaged’? It’s about to get a million times more exciting. Change your status to married, update your surname and watch the ‘likes’ flood in!

facebook status update

Change Your Name

You may have a list of everywhere you need to contact to change your name once you’re married. Don’t forget to add Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to your change of name list too! Once you’ve changed your Twitter handle, you know it’s #serious.

Instagram a Wedding Snap

Yes, you paid thousands for the wedding photography, but can you resist the lure of the Instagram filter? Upload a snap and hashtag it with your married name. If you ask your guests to do the same you’ll have a ready-made online gallery!

instagram wedding picture

Share Your Wedding Pictures

Make the most of your wedding photography and let guests relive the memories by sharing your pictures on your social media pages. It’s a nice way to let those who couldn’t be there see your special day too.

Prepare to Switch Off

It’s fun to update your status and tweet about your big day, but consider leaving the social media at home whilst you’re on honeymoon so you can really enjoy some quality time together. You can always Instagram your pictures when you get back!


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