Change of Name List

Who to contact when you've changed your surname


The vast majority of brides in Australia choose to change their surname after they get married. Your options for changing your name include taking your husband’s name, double-barrelling your surname with his, or you could consider merging the two surnames together to create a new, unique name.

If you want to take your husband surname as your own, you can simply start using it after marriage, without having to register a change of name, providing you married in Australia. For the other options, you would need to register it.

change of name list

To change your name on official documents, many places require a certified copy of the Official Certificate of Marriage (which you can get from your state’s Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages). It helps to get a number of copies so you can save time by sending off several at once.

Here’s a handy change of name checklist to make sure you update everyone and everything!

•  Driver’s License

•  Doctor’s surgery or anywhere that has your medical records

•  Insurance companies

•  Electricity, gas and water providers

•  Passport

•  Tax office

•  Bank

•  Your place of work

•  Your mortgage provider

•  Landlord

•  Mobile phone provider

•  Internet provider

•  Any store cards you may have

•  Breakdown cover (RACQ etc.)

•  Local service providers (hairdressers, dry cleaners, mechanic etc.)

•  Vets

•  Subscriptions (magazines, Netflix etc.)

•  Memberships (such as the gym etc.)

It makes sense to keep a record of whom you’ve notified and who has acknowledged your change of name to save any confusion. If you need further information when it comes to changing your name after marriage, it may be advisable to seek the advice of a legal professional.

Finally, consider revising (or creating) a will once you’re married too, in your new name, including your spouse!


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