Beat the Post Wedding Blues

How to get over the post wedding blues


Post wedding blues are a real thing, and they’re not to be laughed at! When you’ve spent so much time carefully and lovingly planning such a big and important event, it’s only natural to feel a little empty once it’s over. We’ve come up with some clever ways to conquer the post wedding blues and feel fulfilled!

Talk About It

Don’t keep it bottled up; if you’re feeling down after your wedding make sure you talk about it. Explaining how you feel can lift a weight off your mind. Confide in a married friend or chat about it in our discussion forums — it’s very likely someone will now exactly how you feel and have lots of advice!

Catch Up

Make the most of your free weekends and evenings to catch up with friends and family who you may have been too busy to see in the run up to your wedding. Catching up with the girls and having a laugh is a brilliant way to distract yourself.

girly catch up

Enjoy Couple Time

Take some time together as husband and wife, enjoying the fact you’re free from wedding planning! Have regular date nights, or even make time to cook together and watch a film to keep the romance alive.


Use Your New-Found Skills

Whilst planning your wedding, did you discover a new talent? Maybe you’re amazing at calligraphy, flower arranging or cake decorating, or your planning skills would put the most skilled wedding planner to shame. Consider offering a helping hand to friends, or making a business out of it.


Project Home

Traditionally lots of couples receive wedding gifts, vouchers or money towards their home. Put this to good use by revamping your home or garden post-wedding. Clear out old things you don’t need, and display your new gifts and beautiful wedding photographs! Just try to avoid decorating your whole house in your wedding colour scheme...


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