A Long or Short Engagement?

The pros and cons of marrying in a hurry or taking your time.


It is becoming increasingly common for couples to have long engagements. On average an engaged couple waits between 12 and 18 months before they get married, but some will take even longer.

This allows you time to get the date you want, as many places will be booked up at least one year in advance. Planning a wedding is also a lengthy process so a long engagement gives a wedding planning couple plenty of time to organize a venue, caterer, cake, car, photographer, flowers and accommodation. The bride will also need plenty of time to find her dream wedding dress and attend any fittings she may need.

Sometimes couples get engaged but have no set date in mind. This is common with young couples who are in no rush to get married or need to save up before they tie the knot.

The average Australian couple now spends around $50,000 on a wedding so most couples will need a decent amount of time to save up for the wedding they want. If you have a set image of what you want your wedding to be like firmly in mind, then it’s probably best that you have a long engagement so you have time to be meticulous and can oversee every detail, whilst saving up to be able to afford it.

If the finer details such as what food is served or where you marry don’t matter that much to you, you may find it easier to have a shorter engagement. If you apply for cancellations at certain weddings, or don’t mind being restricted by certain factors, you may be able to get a good package deal for a low price. This will allow you to marry sooner, although you will obviously have less time to prepare. It’s probably best to consider a short engagement only if you’re very organized, don’t mind planning under pressure, or are extra keen to become husband and wife in a hurry!

It doesn’t matter how long your engagement takes; you could be engaged for a decade if that’s how long it takes to plan everything and make your mind up, as long as you are marrying the man you love!


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