Writing Your Own Wedding Invitations

Why it's a good idea to write your own


A wedding invitation can be a great keepsake for friends and family, and can also indicate what kind of affair they can expect when it comes to your wedding day. You don’t need to state specifically if it will be formal or not; it should be apparent by the style of the invitation, but if you want to make sure no one misreads the situation, it may help to state the dress code.

You should also clearly indicate if a plus one is invited, and if the guest is invited to the whole day or to just the evening party, to avoid any confusion. It might sound silly, but especially if you are writing your own invites by hand, make sure you include the correct time, date and venue. The invite is a good place to state if you don’t want gifts, and if you’d prefer donations to charity or towards your honeymoon instead.

You can also offer menu choices and a chance to specify any dietary requirements with your wedding invitations.

Writing your invites by hand is a great way to save money and to make them really personal. You can add a small note or comment that is personal to each guest to make them feel special, and you can adjust the wording and the tone to be appropriate for each guest. You may write an old friend’s invite in a casual and informal manner, but you might be more polite when writing one to an elderly relative.

With the money you’re saving by writing the invites yourself, you could splash out on luxurious cotton fiber paper. Whether you choose to do this or just use ready-made cards, you should avoid writing in biro or a ball point pen. Use a proper ink or fountain pen in blue or black (never red, even if it is the theme color of your wedding), or use gel pens in a sparkling gold or silver color. If you’re left-handed, and therefore likely to smudge what you’re writing, it might be better to get someone else to do it, or to ensure the ink is thoroughly dry by blowing on it before starting a new line. If you have quite messy handwriting, it may again be better to get someone with a neater hand to help you out.


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