Keeping Your Wedding Invite Forever

How to preserve your wedding invitation so it lasts forever


It’s quite common for the bride to preserve her bouquet as a reminder and keepsake of her wedding day, but have you thought about preserving a wedding invitation as well?

Over time paper can discolor and ink can fade, so it’s a good idea to take a few extra measures to make sure your wedding invite lasts forever. You can get it laminated to protect the paper, and then frame it. Be sure to position it in a place where it avoids direct sunlight though, as this will cause the ink to fade.

Another good idea is to scan the invitation on to a computer and print it out alongside a picture of you and your husband on your wedding day. Print it onto glossy photo paper and frame it as a way to remember both the invite and the wedding day itself.

If you get your bouquet preserved, ask them to do your wedding invitation alongside it. Then keep the two together as a permanent reminder of your special day. If you have a silver photo frame or solid covered photo album, you could get the words on the invite engraved, so whenever you open the album or look at the frame, you’re reminded of your wedding day.

If you’re a keen crafter, you could embroider the words of your wedding invitation onto a cushion or a piece of fabric which you could frame or display somewhere in your house. The idea of having your invite embroidered onto a heart shaped cushion is a particularly nice idea.

It’s a great idea to keep your wedding invitation and preserve it so it doesn’t fade over time, and there are so many ways to keep it forever, it’s just up to you what you choose...You could even try all five things to make sure you never ever forget the details of your big day!


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