Invitations for a Second Wedding

How to write your invites if you have been married before


If you’re marrying for the second (or maybe third, or fourth...) time, you’ve probably come to realize that the wedding invitations won’t be as straightforward to write this time around.

Do you refer to yourself as a Mrs. or a Ms? Will you use your maiden name or your previous married name? There are lots of ways to handle the invitations for a second marriage, but they depend on the circumstances.

Typically, if it is a second marriage for both the bride and groom, then the invitations should be issues with the couple as hosts. If the bride hasn’t been married before, then the parents of the bride can be listed on the wedding invitations as the host. You don’t need to worry about the style of the invitation or the type of wedding you have. Whilst some people believe second weddings should be more of a casual affair, it is your wedding so you get to decide what it’s like.

Traditionally, a divorced bride who is remarrying would use her first, maiden and married names on the invitation, preceded by the title of Mrs. If you choose to exclude the title from your wedding invitations then usually you wouldn’t include your married name either. If you’re not using a title for your name, then you shouldn’t use one for the groom either.

If a widowed bride is remarrying, then she should have her married name written on the wedding invitations, with the title of Mrs. If she is a young widow, it is acceptable to include her parents as the hosts on the wedding invitation. If this is the case, her name should then be written to include both her maiden and married names.

If a bride has been married more than one time before, then her name should be written to include her maiden name and her last husband’s name, but not the names of any of her husbands before that.


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