Assembling your Wedding Invitation

Put your wedding invite together in the right order


Putting together a wedding invitation and all of its accompanying inserts to be sent off can seem very complicated and quite daunting if you don’t know the order they’re supposed to go in.

Most invites will be sent with an RSVP card and a reception card, but could include other inserts such as within-the-ribbon, at-home and directions cards. There is a particular way to order these.

The invite and all of its inserts must be placed inside the envelope upright, with the writing facing outwards, so it is visible as the recipient opens the flap of the envelope. The inserts should either be placed inside the invite (if it is folded), or on top of it. If the invite has multiple folds, the inserts should be placed within the most outward fold.

The inserts should be layered in order of importance. The most important one goes on the bottom, with the least important on the top. If a wedding invitation included all the inserts it should be arranged like this:

  • Wedding invitation
  • Reception invitation
  • Response card envelope
  • Response card
  • Within-the-ribbon card
  • Directions
  • Map

Make sure every wedding invitation has the inserts it needs before you begin to put them in the envelopes. It’s also a good idea to place the response card under the flap of the response card envelope, to keep them together.

Take the invite and the inserts and place them in the envelope in the specified order. If your invites and envelopes are fairly small, it is wise to put the small envelope into a larger one so it doesn’t get lost in the post.

All envelopes should have the addresses of the recipients written clearly on them by hand.


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