15 Ways to Display Flat Place Cards

Get creative with your wedding place cards


If you have ordered flat place cards for your wedding reception tables, why not get creative with how you display them? We’ve come up with 15 different ways to display your flat place cards.

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15 Ways to Display Wedding Place Cards


  1. If you’re marrying at a winery or vineyard, why not collect corks and cut slits in them to display your place cards?
  2. Tape the place card to a toothpick and insert it into a piece of seasonal fruit.
  3. Place your flat place cards into the folds of the napkins on the tables.
  4. By displaying your place cards face up on a charger plate, they’re easy for your guests to spot.
  5. Put your place cards inside the wine glasses on the tables — just make sure they’re removed before the wine is served!
  6. If your wedding has a beach theme, collect shells and use them to prop the place cards up.
  7. Punch holes in your place cards and use coloured ribbon or twine to tie them to the stem of the wine glasses.
  8. Mini photo holders are a great way to display flat place cards, and double up as a favour too!
  9. If you have the patience, glue small pegs to the back of your place cards so you can peg them to the edge of the glasses on the tables.
  10. If you’re giving out cupcakes as favours, why not stick the place card into the icing?
  11. Glue your place cards to Christmas crackers at a winter wedding.
  12. Use pearl detailed pins to pin your place cards to the table — you could pin them to the napkins or to fruit for a rustic look.
  13. If you want a truly rustic look, find pine cones or branches and use them to prop your place cards up.
  14. Combine your favours and place cards by attaching the cards to small jars of sweets.
  15. By cutting slits into your place cards and feeding a ribbon through, you can display them elegantly on the back of tiffany chairs.


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