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Different honeymoons to suit different couples


For those that want to save money, particularly in the summer, it is worth considering honeymooning at home.

Staying in Australia but travelling to visit a different part can be a great way to get a holiday without spending a fortune. You could visit The Whitsundays to enjoy snorkelling, relaxing on the beautiful beaches and island-hopping between the 74 islands it consists of. If you don’t fancy lounging on a beach, and want nightlife, restaurants and shopping, take a break in Melbourne, a vibrant and exciting city that mixes historic buildings with modern culture. Those who love the outdoors and have a sense of adventure should consider honeymooning in Kimberley, for aboriginal history and coastal walks, or Kakadu National Park, which is full of wildlife and wonderful views.

You could even combine all of these destinations and many more by embarking on a road trip across the country, getting a mix of all the different things Australia has to offer, from spa hotels, to stunning beaches, to the rugged mountains and Aboriginal outback.

If you fancy venturing out of Australia, but still want gorgeous beaches and stunning scenery, then a honeymoon in Asia would suit your needs. Thailand boasts white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and a rich culture, as well as delicious food. Bali, Vietnam and Lombok are also similar exotic choices for those who want sandy beaches, a warm, tropical climate and tasty food.

Culture vultures should flock to Europe. Those who love pizza, ice cream and art should visit Italy; Rome is home to the amazing Colosseum, whilst Venice is a true city of romance with its many canals and backstreet cafes. Paris, France, is an excellent place for any lovebirds to visit, as it boasts a rich history of artists and writers, numerous museums and of course, the Eiffel Tower. Gorgeous bistros offer the best French cuisine and a wide selection of some of the best wines in Europe. You can hire a bike to cycle around and see the sights for as little as one euro a day.  If you want some time on the beach, you can always take a trip to the French Riviera for a week or so.

A honeymoon in England may not have scorching weather, but you can visit the bright and vibrant city of London for great shopping, history, culture and nightlife, and then spend some time at the quirky seaside town of Brighton. Those who are enchanted by the idea of the quaint English countryside could visit the Cotswolds or Somerset and Cornwall. Honey coloured sandstone buildings surround village greens in the Cotswolds, and the Jurassic Coast in Somerset provides excellent cliff-walking and the chance to hunt for fossils and eat fresh seafood at a local English pub.

There’s so much choice when it comes to choosing where to have your honeymoon, but remember, whatever you don’t do this time can always work as next year’s holiday...


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