Five Reasons to Honeymoon in Tahiti

Consider a honeymoon in Tahiti


Whether you are looking for a purely relaxing honeymoon or one filled with adventure, The Islands of Tahiti are a perfect honeymoon destination for newlyweds. Here are five reasons why:

1. The Beauty

With 118 islands, Tahiti offers some of the most dramatic and breathtaking scenery that nature can offer. A distant destination displaying volcanic mountains covered by intense, green forest surrounded by piercing blue waters protected by barrier reefs. Float in some of the world’s most famous tranquil, turquoise lagoons or relax on one of the hundreds of bordering empty white sand beaches. A promise of blue skies and a gentle breeze carrying the sweet scent of local frangipanis brings with it pure romance and relaxation in natural surroundings.

2. The Privacy

If you are looking for sheer seclusion on your honeymoon, visit one of the tiny islets that make up the Tuamotu atolls. With a population of just a few hundred people in each, take the opportunity to stretch out and discover the quiet beauty of these beaches, with just the whisper of the winds and a rich blanket of stars for company.

3. Over-Water Bungalows

Where better to spoil yourself than in the very place where the over-water bungalow was invented, just over 40 years ago. These days, there are hundreds of over-water bungalows to choose from but it’s definitely worth trying out this luxurious form of accommodation even if just for one night. Relax on your own private sun-deck listening to the sound of the water lapping the stilts below, or dive off straight into your own natural aquarium. Honeymoon accommodation does not get much better than this.

Five reasons to honeymoon in Tahiti

4. Tahitian Massages

With a long history of traditional massage, French Polynesia’s day spas are infamous and utilise a wealth of natural, local ingredients including soft black sand, rich coconut oil, fragrant vanilla oils, fresh papaya and pineapple, all of which do wonders for the skin. If you choose to honeymoon in one of the islands’ many resorts, you are pretty much guaranteed to be within reach of a splendid spa.

5. Adventurous Activities

Boasting more fish than anywhere else, this is a great place to scuba dive in some of the world’s clearest oceans. Swim with sting-rays, whales and reef sharks, and with waters packed with tuna and mahi mahi, you could even try your hand at deep sea fishing. If you prefer to stay dry, how about a romantic horse ride across the empty beaches, or a ride on a scooter or cycle through the traditional Polynesian villages, or the tranquil roads of the islands. Venture into the core of the mountain islands (Society Islands, the Marquesas and the Austral Islands) via 4x4, quad bikes or even on foot to discover the valleys and mountain peaks with their lush vegetation, wonderful waterfalls and stunning streams.

A honeymoon in Tahiti really can make all your dreams a reality.


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