Wedding Dress Rules to Break

Be daring with your wedding dress


Weddings are all about tradition, and the typical white wedding dress is a huge part of that. However, we’re being a bit daring and suggesting five wedding dress rules to break!

Choose a Colourful Wedding Dress

The thing about white wedding dresses is…almost everyone has them! Why not be bold and go against traditional with a statement, colourful wedding dress. These red and silver wedding dresses, from Lilli Marcs, will definitely cause a stir!

Five wedding dress rules to break

Don’t Even Have a Wedding Dress

Yep, we can hear you asking, ‘what?! Are you crazy?’ and maybe we are. But when you see this amazing wedding jumpsuit from Stephanie Allin, you might reconsider. A bridal jumpsuit, playsuit or actual suit will look incredible.

Five wedding dress rules to break

Raise Your Hemlines

I know, we’re so daring. Go against tradition in a more subtle way by choosing a shorter wedding dress. There are plenty of tea length wedding dresses to choose from right now so you’ve no excuse for not even considering a shorter wedding dress, like this retro gown from Demetrios.

Five wedding dress rules to break

Go For a Wild Style

You only wear your wedding dress once so why not have some fun with the design? Pick a fabulously flamboyant wedding dress that no one will ever forget, like this gorgeous Hayley Paige creation.

Five wedding dress rules to break

 Pick Bold Wedding Shoes

Your wedding shoes don’t have to be ivory courts with a modest heel. Be inspired by Mary Kyri and choose fashionable wedding shoes you’ll want to wear time and time again!

Five wedding dress rules to break

Are you breaking any wedding rules? Tell us about your wedding!


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