The Nine Types of Wedding Guest

Can you collect them all?


You might think you know your guests, but sometimes weddings do crazy things to people, and they morph into someone else entirely. There are nine types of wedding guests that crop up at every wedding — look out for them, and remember, we warned you!

The Social Media Addict

The social media addict probably has their phone charger stashed away in their bag so they can constantly update Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with news about your big day. They’ll probably spend more time sending you messages of congratulations online than actually talking to you.

The Nine Types of Wedding Guest

How to Deal with the Social Media Addict

If you’d rather details of your wedding didn’t appear on social media before the night is out, include a polite note in your invitations and perhaps ask your celebrant to bring it up ahead of the ceremony. Consider using a wedding photo app to keep control of the pictures taken at your wedding.

The Wannabe Photographer

This guest has a drink in one hand and their fancy new camera in the other. They’ll be lining up with the photographer and snapping away, before taking credit for the ‘great arrangement’ of the images.

How to Deal with the Wannabe Photographer

You might get some great extra images from this snap-happy guest, but ask an usher to make sure they’re not getting in the professional photographer’s way.

The Nine Types of Wedding Guest

The Woman in White

You might think it’s just an unpleasant wedding myth, but no — some people really do go to weddings in white dresses when they are not the bride. She might claim it is ‘ivory’ or ‘a very pale pink’, but who is she fooling?

How to Deal with the Woman in White

Everyone is going to know who the bride is, so try not to let it bother you. Also, everyone else (who didn’t turn up in white) will be unable to believe she did that.

Who’s That Guy?

The who’s that guy guest is a total mystery — is he a colleague’s plus one, or did he just wander in off the street?

How to Deal with ‘Who’s that Guy?’

Just be polite and thank them for coming — after the wedding you can spend time asking people ‘who was that guy?’

The Dancer

There’s a certain type of person who, from the moment the wedding invitation lands on their doorstep, limbers themselves up ready to get their dance on. This person is a great wedding guest as they’ll get everyone else on the dance floor too!

How to Deal with the Dancer

Give them plenty of room to strut their stuff, and warn your dear old aunt with the bad hip to steer clear of them — they’re ruthless with who they pull on to the dance floor!

The Professional Wedding Guest

The professional wedding guest comes equipped with a phone that stays on silent, biodegradable confetti and handy packets of tissues to pass around during the ceremony. If only all guests were like this...

How to Deal with the Professional Wedding Guest

Make the most of this well-behaved guest and sit them with those that are slightly more…unruly. Hopefully their good behaviour will rub off on them!

The Predator

Oh no. The predator is newly single, probably a little bit drunk and is determined to find their next date at your wedding.

The Nine Types of Wedding Guest

How to Deal with the Predator

Be kind to the predator and help them out with a little wedding match-making — seat them with other singletons who you think would be perfect for them!

The Drunk One

Yep, it happens. Every wedding has that one guest who just doesn’t know when enough is enough. One minute they’re fine, the next minute they’ve spilled wine on your dress and have a tie knotted around their head.

The Nine Types of Wedding Guest

How to Deal with the Drunk One

If you can’t stem the drinking, just avoid them. This is what bridesmaids are for; use them as a buffer to make sure you don’t have to be too close.

The Emotional One

Someone will inevitably go all ‘tiny-tears’ and see your wedding as the perfect chance to re-evaluate their lives. Watch they don’t start wailing ‘It should have been me!’

How to Deal with the Emotional One

Send an usher, bridesmaid or professional wedding guest to deal with this one — a glass of wine, some cake and a pep talk later and they’ll be fine!


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