Help! I Hate My Engagement Ring!

What to do if you hate your engagement ring


It’s every girl’s dream moment — when the love of your life presents you with a glittering diamond ring he’s picked out just for you...but that dream can turn into a nightmare if you don’t love the ring!

Diamond jewellery expert Lewis Malka, one of London’s most acclaimed jewellery designers, explains how to deal with hating your engagement ring. “It’s not uncommon to dislike or want to change your engagement ring, but there are ways to deal with this tricky situation,” Lewis explains. Read on to find out what he suggests...

Talk to Your Partner

It is important to be honest with your partner, but perhaps not during the proposal! Consider what it is you don’t like about your engagement ring. Will you feel differently after a few days of wear? You will be wearing it for the rest of your life, so if you’re unhappy with it, it’s better to be honest and tell them, and explain why.

Help! I hate my engagement ring!

Visit a Bespoke Jeweller

Make an appointment with a specialist jeweller to discuss ways to work with what you’ve got and alter the ring to suit both your tastes. It might just be that you want to change the setting of your ring to something more ‘you’. After all, the diamond is the most expensive and important part of the ring! This is the most cost effective way to transform your engagement ring from something you hate to something you love.

Help! I hate my engagement ring!

Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

You might hate your engagement ring because it’s too simple, or too similar to the rings your friends are sporting. There might be the option to upgrade your ring by adding a halo of diamonds, or by adding stones to the shoulders to give it more sparkle. This depends on your budget, but a specialist jeweller should be able to advise you.

Help! I hate my engagement ring!

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