Eight Questions Every Newlywed Gets Asked

How to answer those annoying newlywed questions...


Once the wedding is out of the way, you’ll become so used to a certain set of questions and comments from friends and family that you’ll fight the urge to scream every time you hear them. We thought we’d give you a head start and list the eight things you hear as a newlywed, and how to respond to them...

Eight Questions Every Newlywed Gets Asked

You may go from screaming with joy to frustration very quickly...

So...how’s married life?

“Oh, bloody awful. Terrible. I’m filled with regret!” Unfortunately, sarcasm isn’t very becoming when you’re meant to have that newlywed glow. Hopefully you’ll be so blissed out that you won’t mind answering this question over and over again!

Have you changed your name yet?

This question can be irritating for a number of reasons! Firstly, the assumption you’ll instantly change your name can rankle with some, but also it can remind you of the sheer volume of things to tick off on your change of name list. Give everyone who asks some paperwork to fill in and you’ll get through it in no time.

Thinking about kids?

This is something people love to ask newlyweds even though it is a super personal question. Be warned.

How was the honeymoon?

Beware this question, particularly if it comes with a cringe-inducing wink! Again, sarcasm probably isn’t acceptable but the desire to keep some things personal totally is, so don’t feel like you have to tell the asker everything.

How much did your wedding cost?!

So nosy! Teach your inquisitive pal a lesson by telling them a totally outlandish sum. “Oh, just a squillion dollars. We probably over-budgeted, but you know, you only do it once!”

So I guess you’re done with the wedding diet now?

Just...no. Ergh. A great response is “Yes I am, so give me that,” and eat whatever delicious treat they were about to enjoy.

OMG, did you see what *insert name here* wore?

Ah, no. I was kind of focused on my new spouse and my own lovely outfit and just being in love. And I was so grateful for all my guests for making the effort to attend and share the day, I wouldn’t have cared if they all turned up in sacks, if I’m honest. This is a totally legitimate response to that question.

Can you believe the cake fell off the table/you tripped down the aisle/the flower girl vommed in her basket...

Anyone who reminds you of the less than perfect things that happened on your day deserves to be unfriended on Facebook instantly. At the very least.

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