15 Paper Gifts for Your First Wedding Anniversary

15 paper wedding anniversary gifts


The traditional gift for your first wedding anniversary is paper — so we’ve come up with 15 fun ways to celebrate your first anniversary as a married couple that include paper!

15 Paper Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

1. A newspaper — save a newspaper from your wedding date and present it to your partner alongside that day’s paper, with breakfast in bed.

2. A photograph or poster — relive your wedding memories by giving a photo or a poster from your special day. You could even combine a selection of your favourites into a scrapbook!

3. A hand-written note — what could be lovelier than a hand written note or poem that sums up how special the past year has been? If you have bad handwriting, consider writing it up on an old typewriter! If one sheet of paper isn’t enough, why not write a diary documenting your first year of marriage?

15 Paper Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

15 Paper Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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4. Tickets to a show — whether it’s at the theatre or a concert, tickets to see something you both love mixes paper with a great night out!

5. A book — if your other half is a bit of a book worm, why not treat them to a book? A love theme is optional.

6. Origami — kind to your budget, and creative; you could make an origami flower or bird.

7. Papier Mache — if you’re feeling arty, why not make something from papier mache? You could paint it in colours that match your wedding colour scheme.

8. A card — if you are struggling to find the perfect paper gift, you could cheekily class the card as paper!

15 Paper Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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9. A plane ticket — if you’ve got the budget for it, why not splash out on some tickets for a romantic mini break or holiday?

10. A customised calendar — make a calendar for your next year of marriage using your wedding photos, and add in events that are important to you both, such as the day you met, your first kiss, date, etc.

15 Paper Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

11. A map — customise a map by marking out where you’ve been and where you plan to go together. Or if you travelled on your honeymoon, why not get a bespoke map made, that shows your route?

15 Paper Wedding Anniversary Ideas

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12. A magazine subscription — this is a gift that will keep on giving all year round!

13. A boudoir shoot — surprise your husband with some very special images of you. You could pose in your wedding lingerie or with your veil!

14. A paper packet of seeds — if you’re green-fingered, plant seeds on your anniversary for a reminder that will bloom every year.

15. A coupon — give your other half a coupon for something — you can make it yourself. It could be for dinner, a promise of a back rub, or to do a chore you know he hates doing...it’s the little things that matter most!


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