10 Game Changing Wedding Hacks

Make wedding planning simple with these wedding hacks


Your wedding planning will be a breeze with these 10 wedding hacks...

1. Get Yourself a Wedding Planning App

Luckily for you, hitched has two wedding planning apps! We have the hitched app which helps you plan your wedding on the go, and the hitched App for Wedding Guests, which allows you to collect all of your guests photos together in chronological order, and more!

10 Game Changing Wedding Hacks

2. Create a Dedicated Email Address

Make a ‘wedding email’ to use on all your wedding correspondence and when dealing with suppliers. This makes it easier to keep all your wedmin together, and means that after the big day you won’t be filtering out wedding emails from your day to day mail.

3. Get a Budget Planner

A budget planner will help you keep track of your spending as you plan your big day. The hitched budget planner helps you divide up your spending costs proportionately too!

10 Game Changing Wedding Hacks

4. Number Your RSVP Cards

By numbering your RSVP cards, if your guests forget to fill out their names and details, you can still figure out who it is by matching up the number to your guest list.

5. Have a ‘Point of Contact’

On your wedding day, hand over your phone to your maid of honor or another responsible bridal party member, and let them deal with whoever dares to phone the bride on the morning of the wedding!

10 Game Changing Wedding Hacks

6. Make an Online Guest List

Using the hitched guest manager tool, it’s easy to keep track of your guests and to transfer them easily to the table planner tool too!

7. Break in Your Shoes

It can be so tempting to leave your amazing, beautiful new wedding shoes until the day of the wedding, in case you scuff or damage them. Don’t do this! Wear them around the house to make sure they’re broken in and comfortable (or less painful...) ahead of the big day.

10 Game Changing Wedding Hacks

8. Set up a Bridal Emergency Kit

Make sure you have a kit set aside with emergency makeup, breath mints, lip gloss, flat shoes, hairspray and whatever else you may need throughout the course of the day.

9. Stash a Tissue in Your Bouquet

If you’re an emotional person, you’ll be thankful for that secret tissue when you reach the altar. It also works well if you have really bad allergies.

10. Take Some Time Out

In sounds crazy, but make sure you set aside five or ten minutes in your day to spend some time with your partner to reflect on just what is going on around you — it’ll help you take it all in!


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