The Benefits of Silk Flowers

Are you considering artificial wedding flowers?


If you’re in the deep end of wedding planning, or are just super organized, you may have already visited a florist and got some quotes.

Flowers, as you will know, are expensive. Most brides have a bouquet, their bridesmaids have bouquets, the groom and his groomsmen will have boutonnieres, and the table centerpieces are typically flower arrangements. This all adds up, and you know that within the week following your wedding, the flowers will have wilted and died.

Why not consider having silk flowers instead? They have come a long way from the plastic looking arrangements beloved by grandmas everywhere. A lot of artificial flowers are now made from foam, which gives the flowers a true to life texture, as well as appearance. It is easy to get realistic arrangements that you can keep forever as a lasting memento of your special day.

It’s a practical way to decorate your wedding, and will help to keep costs down. You don’t need to worry about what’s in season, changing the water or damaging delicate petals. They’re also perfect if you or any of your wedding party has allergies. No one wants to run the risk of red eyes and a runny nose on a wedding day.

By ordering artificial flowers instead of fresh ones, you can save time ahead of your wedding day. You don’t need to visit a florist, you can order them as soon or as late as you want (within reason, last minute brides!) and you don’t have to worry about them wilting. You know exactly what you’re getting and can have them in the exact color you need to match your color scheme.

You can even glam your flowers up with glitter, and customize them yourself without worrying about damaging the delicate petals. Jewelry, feathers, gems and other special items can be easily worked into the bouquet as well, making it even more personal.

If you want the scent of the flowers, you could always spritz them with some floral perfume, or surround your table arrangements with scented candles.

A great idea, which will only work with artificial flowers, is to pass the bouquet on to your children for their wedding. It can become a whole new family tradition, to see the bouquet passed from generation to generation.


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