Stunning Centerpieces

Ideas for creating different wedding centerpieces


Decorating your wedding venue can work out very expensive, particularly if it’s a large space you are getting married in.

If you have a lot of tables, and need centerpieces for each one, floral arrangements can work out very pricey. Save money and keep in line with your wedding budget by replacing traditional flower-based centerpieces with more natural elements instead.

An autumnal wedding could feature centerpieces consisting of pinecones and wreaths of leaves in autumn colors, whilst a winter wedding could be illuminated by candelabras and berries. If you’re marrying by a beach, consider filling round, glass bowls with sand, pebbles and shells, or with brightly colored petals and places tea lights in there for a location appropriate, decorative touch.

Large glass bowls can also be filled with water, and you can have the heads of large, more affordable flowers such as peonies and gerberas floating in the bowls. If you want a brightly colored wedding, you could always dye the water, or sprinkle glitter to float on the surface. Floating scented candles are also a nice touch, and will fill the room with a lovely subtle scent.

Arrangements of ostrich or peacock feathers in tall vases are a great way to have decorations with a difference. If you want a rustic theme, you could have bowls of fresh fruit such as apples and grapes as your centerpieces. A more tropical location could be decorated with bowls of pineapples and other citrus fruits.

Glass vases of colored glass pebbles or bowls of sweets would prove to be a great talking point for your guests. You can even buy chocolate flowers, which could double up as favors for your guests — providing you don’t mind them depleting as the night goes on! Bunches of brightly colored lollies or sticks of rock can work well for a seaside themed wedding.

If you want to add a vintage touch to your wedding décor, buy wire birdcages from second hand shops and car boot sales, and entwine them with colored ribbon, fairy lights or fake flowers for a cheap and easy centerpiece that looks much more expensive.

If you really want a wedding centerpiece with a real difference, why not consider filling your glass bowls with brightly colored goldfish! Your guests will be surprised by the original idea and enjoy watching the fish dart about. Just make sure you can give them a good home after the wedding party is over!


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