Picking your florist

How to decide on your wedding florist


Flowers are an important part of the wedding planning process, and therefore require a lot of thought and planning. They decorate so many different parts of the day and will appear in countless photographs, so it’s important to have a good florist.

It’s a good idea to ask around; if any of your married friends had flower arrangements you admired at their weddings, ask for their florist’s card, or just peer through the windows of your local flower shops to see what sort of arrangements they have on display.

When you think you’ve found a florist you might like to hire, ask to have a look at their portfolio, and if they have one, a testimonials book. That way you can get a good idea of how creative they are, what their specialities are and what other customers thought of their service. Ask to see samples as well as they should have some displays they can show you. You can then smell the flowers if they’re fresh, or see how realistic their silk bouquets look.

Take clippings of images of arrangements you like to see if your florist can create something similar. At hitched.com.au we have a vast selection of images in our inspiration galleries which could lead you to your dream arrangement. It helps if you have an idea of your color scheme or the flowers you want as well, so your florist can recommend different ideas to you.

Look in bridal and floristry magazines to see what blooms and arrangements are fashionable now, if you want an on-trend wedding. Ask your florist what will be available around the time of your wedding, and if they’re able to import any out-of-season flowers. Consider costs though; it’s cheaper to go for seasonal flowers, as it costs more to import.

It’s a good idea to check with your florist when the final date you can make any changes is, in case you suddenly have a new idea for your flowers. Ask about hired equipment as well; if you borrow vases or stands you need to arrange who will collect them and when they must be returned by. If you want your florist to decorate your ceremony and reception, as well as make your bridal bouquet, you might be able to negotiate a good package deal. It’s always worth asking when paying for supplies for your wedding!


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