How to Choose Your Wedding Bouquet

What to consider when picking your bridal bouquet


The first thing you should do when deciding on the flowers for your wedding is to consider your budget. Think about how much you have to spend on flowers, and whether there is any room for flexibility. This will help to determine what kind of flowers you can have.

Make a list of the flowers you really want, and a back up list of things you’ll accept as a substitute, should you have to. This is essential as different flowers are available at different times of the year, and that affects how much they may cost.

Let your florist know the theme of your wedding, as they will be able to suggest appropriate flowers to go with it. For example, pastel tea roses will look out of place at a modern wedding, whilst bold gerberas will clash with a soft vintage theme. Also inform your florist of your color scheme, as some flowers may come in colors that will suit it, whilst other won’t. Don’t stick rigidly to just one color though; consider different shades and tones for a richer bouquet.

It’s also a good idea to present your florist with photos or moodboards of the kind of flowers and arrangements you like, so they have something visual to work from.

If you’re having an elegant, simple dress, don’t let it be overpowered by busy bouquet. Large dresses demand large floral arrangements so they can balance it out, but sleeker designs need something less loud. Consider a single flower, or a delicate long-stemmed arrangement. Include personal touches to make your bouquet extra special, such as a piece of jewelry that belonged to an absent relative or flowers from the garden of someone close to you. It’s a great way to ensure your bouquet is unique and personal to you. The family member that provided the flowers from their garden will be extra proud that they got to help create your bridal bouquet. Including delicate crystals or gems is another great way to make sure your bouquet stands out.

If you suffer from hayfever, or want to keep your flowers forever, consider a silk arrangement. You can get very realistic artificial flowers, which can then be kept as a reminder of your big day forever. If you spend a lot on your silk flowers, you could even sell them on after the event, to make back some of your money. If you use silk flowers, spray them with scent so they still smell lovely.

If you want fresh flowers, but want to keep them together, you can get them dried or freeze-dried. Ask your florist if they can recommend anyone to conserve your bouquet.


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