Different Ways to Arrange Your Flowers

Different arrangement ideas for wedding flowers


There are lots of different ways to style your flowers on your wedding day. Firstly, you need to decide whether you want to use fresh or artificial flowers, or a mixture of both. You may decide you want a fresh flower bouquet, but artificial table decorations for their durability and to save money. Whatever you decide, your florist should be able to provide you with a vast range of options.

You also need to decide whether your wedding flowers will be made up of bold, large displays, or more simple and elegant designs. A good thing to factor in when you’re making this decision is your wedding dress and the venue you are getting married in. If you’re having a large, statement dress, you need a bigger bouquet to balance it out, whereas a more sleek dress can be overshadowed by a massive bunch of blooms.

If you are tying the knot in a modern, minimalistic venue, then you need to decide if brightly colored, loud arrangements will work.

Some brides might opt to carry a single white lily, for a romantic, simple look. Some bouquets are arranged with wires to sculpt them into dramatic forms, whilst others are a simply hand tied into a bunch. If you want a really different look for your wedding flowers, you could opt for a pomander, a ball of flowers which usually hangs from a ribbon. These are also great for your bridesmaids to carry, or to hang from the ceiling of a marquee. The retro style of having a cascading bouquet is also an option. This arrangement can hold its own against a simple or elaborate wedding dress.

When you know how you want your bouquet to be shaped, you need to decide what flowers to include. Do you want foliage? In recent years, adding greenery to your wedding bouquet for a more natural look has really come back into vogue. It also can make your flower arrangement more affordable, by padding it out with the cheaper leaves and greenery. Sweet smelling herbs like rosemary and thyme can also be incorporated for a more rustic wedding look.

Ivy is a great, affordable form of foliage that works particularly well at winter weddings with roses and lilies, or wrapped around centerpieces illuminated by candles and fairy lights.

Whether you use fresh or artificial blooms at your wedding, it’s important to keep the look consistent throughout. You can use identical flowers to your bouquet on your table, or just pick out one element or flower, and create a different arrangement but in the same colors, to add variety.

Garlands and wreaths are a change from traditional table arrangements, and won’t dominate the tables, leaving your guests free to communicate without feeling blocked off. When you visit your florist, explain your dress, venue and flowers of choice, and you should be able to come up with the perfect arrangements to suit your wedding.


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