Choosing Wedding Flowers

A vast variety of wedding flowers


Wedding flowers are a pinnacle feature of your big day, namely for your bridal bouquet, ceremony arrangements and reception centrepieces. There are some things to consider when choosing the right flowers for your wedding, ultimately it depends on the season your wedding will be held in but also how the arrangement ties into your wedding, for example a summer wedding.


Colour is a big factor on your wedding day and what better way to use your wedding flowers than to add a pop of colour. One of the best things flowers do is deliver what nature has to offer in highlighting such a vast variety of colours from soft pastels to vibrant brights. If your wedding colour scheme is an all-white ivory inspired wedding you can use bright coloured flowers to add a splash of colour to deliver vibrancy to your wedding. However if your wedding colour theme is bright and colourful you can use softer coloured flowers to add more neutral shades. The great thing about flowers is their ability to counterbalance or contrast other features and decorations in your wedding, as they come in a myriad of flower varieties.

Flower Varieties

Flower varieties have grown so much over the decades providing you with amazing options. Your choices are endless but the popular varieties always seem to be the rose, peony, hydrangea, baby’s breath and orchid varieties. New wedding flower varieties have been introduced such as the birds of paradise and wild Australian flowers (grevillea, bottlebrush and banksia) bringing out modern twists on wedding flower arrangements to reflect the modern wedding styles of today.

Wedding Styles

Wedding styles have evolved over the years from traditional to more modern wedding themes taking a new leap, redefining creativity. This means new and spectacular floral arrangements are being crafted with the incorporation of accessories using crystals, jewellery pieces, ribbon, lace and other beautiful fabrics to add another element of pizzazz. Also arising trends are ombré bridal bouquets, variations in bouquet shape and a combination of different flower varieties. While bridal bouquets have taken on new styles, so have wedding centrepieces. Wedding centrepieces in wedding receptions have designed to utilise exciting materials and styles such as towering wedding flower arrangements elegantly positioned on wedding reception tables. More elaborate or simpler settings have taken wedding centrepieces to new heights in displaying flower arrangements.

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How Flowers Represent You and Your Fiancé

What makes wedding flowers so important on your big day is the creative element it provides, allowing you and your fiancé’s personalities to shine through. Working with your wedding florist is the best way in finding the perfect flower arrangements to best represent the both of you on your wedding day.

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