You Can Afford Live Musicians!

Ways to cut costs when hiring live musicians


Almost every aspect of planning a wedding costs money, and hiring a band is no different. If you have your heart set on a live band then you could end up paying out a considerable amount of your budget. There are, however, some cost cutting tips that can make having live music much more affordable. We have compiled a list of the very best ways to save money whilst having good quality entertainment.

  • If you want to walk down the aisle to live music, or have a musician play whilst you and your guests enjoy the wedding breakfast, consider how many guests you have. If you only have a small wedding party, you may not need a full string quartet. You could hire just one or two of the musicians as they’re not likely to be drowned out by a massive crowd.
  • Your budget is extra tight, ask around to see if you know anyone who knows anyone who can play an instrument. Or visit local colleges, universities and music tutors to see if there are any musical students who’d be willing to perform.
  • Consider the date and time. Summer Saturdays are super popular for weddings, and many bands and performers get booked up months, sometimes years in advance. Because they are in such high demand, they can charge more to perform. You may find that a wintry weekday works out much more affordable...
  • Talking of times, how long do you want the musician to play for? Some performers charge for a solid block of time, whereas others are more flexible. If you want them to play as guests arrive, but then take a break whilst the photos are taken, then resume whilst people are eating etc. then it’s worth asking if you can pay them a rate for the hours they actually perform. Some may charge a small break fee, but it could still work out cheaper than hiring someone for a block performance.
  • Musicians usually charge the most for the first few hours, then the cost drops per hour. This is so they can justify taking a day off from paid music teaching or orchestral work. Considering that, it may be more affordable to hire them for later on in the day.
  • Finally, make sure it’s OK to have musicians with your venue beforehand, and visit the place (with or without the performers) so the staff can show you where they will perform. There is no point paying hundreds of dollars for live musicians if you find they’re going to be cramped into a corner so small they are unable to play.


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