Weird and Wonderful Wedding Facts

Use these wedding wonders to entertain your guests


These weird and wonderful wedding facts are entertainment in themselves! Consider printing some on your wedding stationery to amuse your guests...

  • Former Baptist minister Glynn Scotty Wolfe holds the record for the most marriages: he has married 28 different women, and divorced 27 of them.
  • The longest wedding dress train was worn by a German bride, and measured 515ft.
  • The biggest ever attendance for a wedding occurred in 1993 at a Jewish ceremony in Jerusalem. 30,000 guests attended...can you imagine the bill for the wedding favors?
  • The oldest recorded bride is Minnie Munro, from Australia. She was a whopping 102 years old when she tied the knot with her 82 year old toy-boy.
  • In Greek culture it’s thought that tucking a sugar cube into the bride’s glove will sweeten the marriage.
  • In Finnish culture, the bride places a silver coin from her father and a gold coin from her mother in her shoes. This is to ensure that she will never go without in her new married life.
  • A pearl engagement ring is thought to bring bad luck, as pearls resemble tears, but aquamarines and sapphires are supposed to guarantee a long and happy marriage.
  • British Queen Victoria sparked the trend for wearing a white gown on your wedding day, when she did so to marry her beloved Prince Albert in 1840. Japanese brides had always worn white, but Queen Victoria set the trend in the western world.
  • The trend for having Wagner’s ‘Bridal Chorus’ was also set by Queen Victoria!
  • Saturday is believed to be the unluckiest day to tie the knot, according to ancient folklore. However, it’s the most popular day for weddings! Wednesday is supposed to be the luckiest, followed by Monday and Tuesday. What a nice way to start the week...


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