Wedding Entertainment

Different ways to entertain your guests.


The evening celebration is often the most fun part of a wedding as the bride and groom mingle with their guests, have a few drinks and let their hair down. All the stress caused by planning the big day is finally worth it, and the happy couple can enjoy the result of all their hard work.

The type of reception a couple will have depends on their tastes and preferences. You may want a DJ to play all the classics, turn on the flashing lights and get everyone up on the dance floor. This is a safe option as everyone expects a DJ and it’s their job to know how to get the party started. You can put together a playlist for them, or even ask if they’d be willing to organize karaoke as well, for the ultimate cheesy wedding party.

If you want something a little different though, you could look into hiring a band. Jazz bands are a staple choice for wedding parties as their lively, up-tempo tunes will get the party started. Alternatively you could hire a band that work as a tribute to your favorite band. This is a great way to bring something you love to the wedding party. It can be very expensive to hire a band though, so a good idea if you really want one is to just have a set by a live act, then switch to a DJ or an iPod playlist for the rest of the evening.

Another great way to get a band for less is to contact local universities or colleges to see if they have any students in a band that would be willing to perform. You can usually offer them a fraction of the amount you’d pay a professional band and they’ll be happy (they’re students!). Just make sure you hear them play and agree on a set list first.

It doesn’t all have to be music-based though. You could entertain your guests with a magician, or a standup comedian to interact with your guests and entertain them. This is a great way to do something different and really fun. A caricaturist could also be hired to sketch portraits of your guests. The drawings could be given as favors, something your guests can keep forever.

Your entertainment is a hugely important part of the day, so it is a good idea to spend on it and make it as enjoyable as possible. You and your guests will be talking about it for years to come, and will remember it for the rest of their lives if you get it right.


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