Hiring a Magician or Comedian

Important things to remember when booking entertainers


You will know by now, in the midst of the wedding planning, you’re likely to be very busy on your big day. Until the evening reception, there won’t be that much time to spend with your guests. You will be saying your vows, posing for photographs and spending time with your new husband as you eat your meal. It is therefore wise to consider hiring some entertainment to occupy your guests whilst they wait for you.

The wedding photographer will want to take a lot of photos of you and your new husband, and the immediate members of the wedding party. This will leave your guests standing around. It’s a good idea to consider hiring some entertainment, such as a comedian or magician, but there are a few things to take onboard.

Whilst a comedian is likely to do a set on stage, performing to the guests, a magician can present his work in a variety of different ways. Your magician could do standard magic tricks, or work as a ‘mind reader’. These are two different types of ‘magic’. Some magicians can do both, whilst others specialize. Make sure you know what you want and what you are getting. You also need to decide how you want your magician to perform; do you want him on a stage, presenting to guests, or would you rather he mingled with the crowd, approaching different groups. If your guests are seated, you could ask him to go from table to table.

It’s important to make sure the performance is appropriate as well. You don’t want a comedian telling adult jokes or a magician doing a risqué performance if you have children present at your wedding. Check if their act is family friendly, if it needs to be.

When booking your entertainer, look out for testimonials. Look for difference and detail in each one so you can be sure they’re genuine. If you have any doubts, ask for contact details for the couples who left the reviews. Also ask if you can see the entertainer perform. They should have a show reel, or be able to arrange an appointment to perform for you. If not, ask if they’ll be at any wedding expos that you can go along to.

Talk to your performer so you can see how friendly and approachable they sound. Doing the financial side of the negotiation over email is important so you have evidence of what was agreed on, but call them at least once if you can’t meet them to see how they communicate with people.

Finally, make sure you agree on a dress code. You don’t want someone turning up in a scruffy t-shirt and jeans to a formal affair. It would look out of place in photos and someone untidily dressed doesn’t look very professional.


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