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Your wedding and engagement ring questions answered


Choosing your wedding and engagement rings is a fun part of wedding planning, but it can leave you with a lot of questions. We caught up with Mark Poter, founder of Waldemar Jewellers, to ask him some important wedding jewellery questions...

I have a vintage engagement ring — is it possible to get a wedding ring made to match that will still look authentic next to my engagement ring?

Yes definitely! All we need to do is make sure that the wedding ring is created in the same style as the original antique ring. It is really important that the finer details are taken into consideration in the design as this will often make all the difference in making the set match perfectly.

Antique wedding and engagement ring

Does my wedding ring have to be the same metal as my engagement ring? Which metals work best together?

The colour of the metal does not need to be the same, for example if you have an 18Ct white gold ring, you can definitely purchase a ring in 18Ct yellow gold. I personally would suggest keeping to the same metal type as each metal has a slightly different hardness.

For example: If you purchased a platinum wedding ring and own a 18Ct white gold engagement ring over time the platinum wedding ring will cut into the 18Ct white gold engagement ring. A solution to this issue is to have the rings laser-tacked together. This will mean there is no movement between the rings and stop the rubbing of metals.

Laser tacked wedding and engagement rings

As the bride and groom, do we need to make sure our wedding rings match?

I believe everyone should get exactly what they want and often the bride and groom have very different tastes. In my experience only 20% of couples have matching rings. If you have you would like them matching however do have different tastes, you can incorporate a common theme, maybe add a secret diamond on the inside of the ring with some engraving. Another suggestion - where the bride has chosen a diamond wedding ring you can use sapphires or black diamonds in the man’s wedding band to make the design more masculine.

Matching wedding rings

I keep seeing rose gold rings everywhere — will this metal date well?

Often metals colours do come in and out of popularity, and I have noticed more demand for rose gold. I do not believe that it the colour of the metals that will date as they have all been around for hundreds of years, I believe it is the style of the design that is going to. When selecting a ring I feel it is important to take the time and choose a design that matches your personality as everyone is unique and it will never date to you.

Rose gold wedding and engagement  rings

How can I find a wedding band to fit perfectly with my engagement ring?

Often it is extremely hard to find a ring off the shelf that will fit perfectly to your wedding ring.

This however is not a problem as it easy custom-create a ring to fit an engagement ring.

Custom made wedding rings

If I have quite a manual job, what kind of metal should I consider for my wedding and engagement rings?

I often will suggest 9Ct gold to labourers as the metal is much harder and will wear less than 14/18Ct gold. Platinum is another option, however this metal will dent very easily.

How long should I allow for a custom-made wedding or engagement ring?

It takes approximately three to four weeks to create a custom made engagement ring depending of the complexity of the design.

Allow three weeks for the wedding rings to be created, bearing in mind most couples will organise their rings four to six months ahead of their special day.

Is it possible to get a wedding or engagement ring made from a ring/stones we already own?

You can certainly use stones that you have and incorporate them into designs. I often redesign old rings and use stones from parents’ or grandparents’ jewellery that has a special sentimental value. I however personally do not reuse metals as often when melting the gold or platinum it can begin to crack.

Vintage stone wedding and engagement rings

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