Wedding Reception Decor

Planning for centerpieces, wedding favors and color schemes


After the vows have been said and the couple has been pronounced man and wife it’s time to celebrate at the wedding reception. No two receptions are the same, once you factor in the couple’s personal tastes, budget and theme.

Some may choose to celebrate with a lavish affair attended by many guests, whilst others may want a small party with a more laid back atmosphere. No matter what sort of reception you have, you’ll still need to arrange the important details like the décor, the food, the seating plan and the favors.

Pick your favorite colour, or echo the colours that have been used for the bridesmaids’ dresses and the groomsmen’s ties to decorate your reception. You could have coloured tablecloths, chair sashes or centerpieces. A centerpiece is a great way to decorate your venue, and it can be done without spending a fortune. You can have flower arrangements, candles or glass bowls or bird cages filled with pretty pebbles, crystals, flowers or fairy lights. You can further decorate your tables by scattering table crystals and sequins over them to catch the light and make them look extra special.

Once you have all your RSVPs, you can begin working on your table plan. Make things easy for yourself by sitting friends together and keeping any people likely to clash well apart.

When everyone has their assigned seating place, you can start thinking about wedding favours. Favours are traditionally given to guests as a token of appreciation for their attendance and to leave them with a nice memento of your wedding day. You could give your guests handmade gifts, like cookies or cupcakes, or provide them with chocolates, sugared almonds or small boxes of sweets. Many favours can be customized to include your names and wedding date, which is a nice way to mark the occasion.

Top tips from

  • Pick your colour theme at the very beginning of your wedding planning and stick to it throughout. This will make it easier when choosing decorations and colour coordinated favors.
  • Keep centerpieces fairly small. You want your guests to be able to see over them and to have conversations without a massive bouquet in the way.
  • Don’t go all out on the wedding favours if you can’t afford it. A small bag of sweets and a slice of wedding cake is enough to show your appreciation.


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