Ten Tips for a Rustic Wedding

Top ten rustic décor tips


If you’re trying to plan the perfect rustic wedding, then you need the décor to match. We caught up with Tash from the wonderful Dress My Wedding to get her top ten tips for styling a rustic themed wedding...

There are so many advantages to creating a rustic style wedding theme.

Firstly, it’s relaxed! Guests feel comfortable from the moment they arrive due to the laid back, casual vibe that has been created.

Secondly, it is completely affordable! If you love hunting, gathering and doing lots of things yourself, there is money to be saved! But if you don’t have a creative bone in your body, you can always hire the items for a reasonable price and have a professional style it for you. This will minimise stress on your big day, and perhaps the best bit — no packing up the day after!

Here are 10 top tips that will turn your wedding into a rustic wonderland.

1. Timber

Typically aged or recycled timber immediately creates that rustic feel through its raw and imperfect qualities. Whether it’s an archway, tables, bench seats or just some boxes on display, timber is the perfect base for styling and a great way to set the scene.

Top Ten Rustic Wedding Décor Ideas

2. Lighting

Nothing accentuates a rustic wedding more than some festoon lighting. Strings of low-hanging lights create a relaxed enjoyable atmosphere, and highlight the natural outdoor setting. People are always impressed and they make a beautiful backdrop for photos.

Top Ten Rustic Wedding Décor Ideas

3. Mason Jars

The beauty of ’rustic’ is that nothing is perfect. Collect mismatching jars from op shops and spend the day before your wedding doing simple flower arranging with your girlfriends — with a sneaky bottle of champagne of course!

4. No Tablecloths

Timber tables, keeping it simple and raw with a few candles and jars of flowers ensures the rustic feel is carried from the outside in.

Top Ten Rustic Wedding Décor Ideas

5. Hay Bales

Nothing says rustic more than hay bales! You can dress them up by throwing hessian bags over the top, or for something a little bit fancy tie some twine around them and attach a mason jar full of flowers to the side.

6. Bars

Don’t forget about the all-important bar area, which will see a lot of action as the night wears on! Hiring a gorgeous timber bar keeps your wedding day quirky, fun and in keeping with your rustic theme. You can’t go wrong by adding items like drink dispensers, mason jars with lace tied around the brim, and of course your signature cocktail!

7. Rustic Blackboard Signs

Blackboards and chalk are a really simple and cost effective way to let your personality shine through at your wedding. Including funny little quotes and personal sayings will lighten the mood and perhaps even encourage your guests to hit the dance floor! Pick up blackboard paint from any craft store and simply paint over a piece of flat timber or plywood.

Top Ten Rustic Wedding Décor Ideas

8. Wine Barrels

Wine barrels are so versatile and a must for any rustic wedding. Set up these bold pieces to frame the entrance of your walk down the aisle, use as bar tables for guests to mingle around during the reception, or to house your Polaroid station or cake stand!

Top Ten Rustic Wedding Décor Ideas

9. Feature Table

You can really brighten up your reception room by adding a centrepiece or focal point such as a feature table. Decorate your table with collected or hired items such as wood slices, timber boxes, different sized vases, jars and plenty of candles and flowers. A feature table makes an ideal spot for your wishing well, signing book or just something pretty in the room!

Top Ten Rustic Wedding Décor Ideas

10. Chairs

Keep the rustic element in the mix by teaming timber chairs with your dining tables, or bar stools for cocktail weddings. Just make sure they are a different shade to your tables and you’re good to go!

Find out more about Dress My Wedding by visiting their website — dressmywedding.com.au — or browse our rustic wedding inspiration gallery for more ideas!


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