Food on Your Wedding Day

What to serve and how to serve it


Even though you may be so nervous you feel you can’t eat, it’s important to have a good breakfast on the morning of your wedding. You won’t be able to get through the morning without something to keep you going, so enjoy your last single girl breakfast with your parents and bridesmaids. A couple of glasses champagne or buck’s fizz will help calm your nerves and see your breakfast off in suitable style.

The next time you’ll eat on your wedding day will be at the wedding breakfast. This can be a difficult thing to organize, as you need to factor in what your guests like and don’t like and if there are any allergies or special dietary requirements. A good way around this is to offer a multiple choice menu, and let guests indicate their meal choice and note down if they have any dietary requirements or allergies. That way you can let your venue know well in advance.

It’s a good idea to have a more simple meal for children, if you have them attending. They may not like or want to eat the more complex dishes that you are providing for adults, so give them the choice to have something more plain if they want it is a good idea. Make sure you have a good vegetarian option available as well, to cater for everyone’s tastes.

Traditional wedding meals usually consist of chicken, beef, lamb or salmon dinners, with a light starter and dessert. You can talk to your caterers though about their menus if you fancy something a little different. If you want to save money on a three course meal, offer your wedding cake as dessert, which will cut down costs. You can also opt to serve canapés before the meal, whilst guests are enjoying their welcome drinks. However, no one will miss these just before dinner is served if you’re looking for another way to make a saving.

Your evening guests may turn up expecting a buffet, but you don’t always have to use the caterers for this, if you don’t want. Most venues will offer a hot buffet in the evening, but you could do something different and provide a hog roast or barbecue. If you’re looking to save, provide your own party food bought from wholesale retailers to lay out for guests to graze on.

If you’ve served your wedding cake up with the meal, and don’t want your evening guests to miss out then have a simple, plain iced cake to cut up and serve with the evening buffet. They don’t need to know it’s not from your actual wedding cake, and it could save you a fortune!

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