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Catering advice for summer weddings


There is so much to consider when planning a summer wedding, and catering choices are a crucial part of your wedding that can’t be overlooked. It can be tempting to pick an easy option to appease even the most fussy of diners, but that shouldn’t have to be the case.

We spoke to Marco Adler, the executive chef at Fresh Catering, to get his opinion on the perfect summer wedding menu that will delight all your guests.

“When designing a Summer Wedding menu, there are many important things to consider: firstly the desired style of occasion is important — some clients may want a glamorous indoor/outdoor wedding with all of the formalities and traditions while other clients may want to take a more casual yet sophisticated approach to their wedding, hosting a sophisticated cocktail style wedding”. Once you know what sort of wedding you and your fiancé want to host, it will be easier to settle on menu choices.

Fresh Catering

It is also important to think about the temperature — summer weddings are going to be hot, and you don’t want to weigh your guests down with stodgy food:

“Light and elegant canapés served with champagne are a great way to start an occasion like this, guests can enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors giving the bridal party the chance to mingle and enjoy their guests company before the formalities of dinner. Summer is a great time of year to include the wonderful seafood we have in abundance in Australia. A heavy seafood influence would be highly recommended for bridal parties throughout summer.

“It’s important to keep the dishes simple with the components and ingredients that are used, with the emphasis on maximising flavour by offering offer side dishes to complement the mains. It has also become popular to do a 50/50 split with food, guests enjoy drinks and substantial canapés served in the first 1½ — 2 hours of the wedding event, followed by a seated main and either plated dessert or dessert buffet.”

Fresh Catering

Splitting your menu allows guests time to digest and take time between their meals, leaving room for that all important course: dessert! Marco believes dessert adds to decor and can encourage communication between your guests:

“Our dessert buffet is visually stunning as well as extremely decadent to taste — this is a fantastic way to add excitement and glamour to a wedding table. As another shared option, we have developed mini dessert platters which allow guests to experience a range of desserts.

“Cheese is also back and very popular, we have noticed that guests have far greater knowledge and appreciation of quality cheeses.”

Fresh Catering

We asked Marco to recommend his top five dishes for a summer wedding menu:

   Pomello Salad Cocktail

   Beetroot Gravlax Cocktail

   Asparagus & Serano Ham with Ash Stained Goat’s Cheese, Olive Paint & Spiced Almonds

   W.A. Yabbies with Eggplant Puree, Cracked Wheat Tabouli & Curried Carrots with Petit Shizo Leaf

   Brioche Crusted Blue Eye Trevella with Carrot Ginger Puree & Lime Aioli


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