Unusual Wedding Cakes

Ways to make your wedding cake stand out


For a truly amazing wedding cake, it’s important to think outside the box. There are so many different varieties of cake available, there’s just no excuse to opt for the circular, white, three-tiered fruitcake anymore! There are lots of ways to make your wedding cake stand out and be truly unique.

If you’re feeling especially romantic, you could opt for a heart-shaped cake, or if you have a lot of guests to cater for, a square tiered cake will be easier to divide. Mad-hatter style ‘wonky’ cakes are becoming increasingly popular too, and will amuse your guests. If you are having a garden party then you could choose a flower themed cake.

Make your cake extra interesting and appealing to the taste buds of all guests by making each tier a different flavor. You could have a fruit tier for traditionalists, a chocolate tier for those with a sweet tooth, and a fresh and citrus tier for those who prefer less sugary tastes.

You could match your cake to your color scheme by decorating it with colored frosting or decorative touches that match your chosen colors. You could even spray your wedding cake with edible metallic spray and glitter to make it extra sparkly and stunning.

If you really want something different to the traditional wedding cake, replace it with wedding cupcakes. You can have a variety of flavors and colors and guests can just choose what takes their fancy. Not only does this look cute, but it also works out quite a lot cheaper than the traditional block cake.

Ice cream cakes are also becoming more popular. Providing your venue can safely store it without it melting, a cake sculpted from refreshing ice cream is a great way to break away from tradition and surprise your guests. If you are not a fan of sweet things, you could have a cake made from blocks of cheese, and serve it up as a traditional cheese board with fruit and different breads for your guests. The possibilities are endless!


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