Transporting Your Wedding Cake

How to safely transport your wedding cake


Whether you’re baking your own wedding cake or having a commissioned baker who doesn’t do delivery, you need to make sure you’re able to transport your wedding cake to your venue safely.

It can be very straightforward to move your wedding cake from one location to another, providing you follow some basic guidelines.

  • You should support the base of the cake with a minimum of three layers of cardboard. This will support the whole cake. If your cake is particularly large or heavy, include a layer of wood or a similar solid material to support the cake’s base.
  • If your cake is supported by pillars that need assembling, don’t attempt to put it together until you’ve moved it to where you want it. Store each tier in a separate cake box, and keep any additional decorations separate too. Assemble it when you are at the venue and can place it where you want it to be displayed.
  • Never keep the cake boxes on a car seat whilst you’re transporting them. They might slide around and damage the cake. Place them on a foam mat on a flat surface that will prevent them from moving. It’s also a good idea to have someone sitting with the cake boxes to make sure they stay secure.
  • Don’t attempt to carry the cake. The venue and the bakery should be able to provide a cart or table on wheels so the cake can stay flat and secure when it is being manoeuvred around.

If you follow these tips and are extra careful, your cake stands a good chance of making it to the venue without the slightest dent!


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